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So, my sister recently mentioned that she went to check my blog. Needless to say, she was probably greatly disappointed. As you can see, it has been 2 years and 5+ months since my last blog entry. I have failed miserably! To make things worse, my last blog entry clearly states that I am going to attempt to be a better, more frequent blogger. As my oldest, Maren, would say "epic fail". This brings me to my current blog entry. Because of the sheer amount of time that has passed since my last blog entry, I had significant updates to take care of. First of all, I could no longer call my blog TPMAZD because our youngest, Lincoln would think that we didn't love him as much as his siblings. So, we are now TPMAZDL. My new goal will be to blog when I feel the inclination and to make no promises as to when that will be. That way I never feel like a failure! Here is the current state of our family. Tash is Assistant Professor of History at St.Gregory's University in Shawne…

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